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Soap Nuts Intro Starter Package

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Oct 13, 2020
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I have never tried soap nuts before and we are adults so our clothes seldom show dirt on them. To give teh soap nuts a test I used them on cotton floor carpets that we keep at our entrance doorways with visible dirt marks. Also on cotton towels that we put our shoes on with visible dirt. Much to my surprise they came out as clean or cleaner than they do with our normal detergent. I did a load of laundry with them and it was good also. Also tried the 18x and didn't notice a difference with my old detergent. I love the convience though vs guessing if the soap nuts are still good and grabbing them out at the end of a load and rerunning the rinse cycle.

The surprise stand out of the package was the laundry stain stick. I have some beautiful colored socks that were getting ground in dirt on the soles. Just for grins I rubbed the stain stick over the soles and threw them in the laundry basket. There is no odor to the stain stick so no problem with a stink of chemicals or perfumes sitting there for a week. Then when I washed the load the socks came out practically brand new. I pulled out clean socks from my drawer with my old detergent and they still had the dirt shadow on the soles. Nothing else I have tried have gotten my socks this clean.

The oily normal shampoo left my hair looking healthy and worked well with my old conditioner. I actually have dry hair but for some reason oily shampoos leave less residue and allow me to wash it at night and it looks great in the morning and not deformed from sleeping on it so I prefer them.

The Soap Nut Cleansing Bar is a good body moisturizer but made my face break out. So I stopped using it on my face. No noticable knock you out in your face odor so pleasant to use.

Haven't tried the shampoo bar yet as I was using up the shampoo.

I am now placing my order for a much wider range of products.

Advantages: Really cleans well.

Laundry stick is the best I've seen and it doesn't get used up very fast as it is super hard.

Disadvantages: Pulling the bag of soap nuts and running an extra rinse cycle.
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