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Premium Select

Simply the finest soapberries available. They're the "best of the best" quality. - Sorted & packed in the USA!

We inspect them for proper color, size, tackiness and irregularities - removing any that don't meet our premium "Select" standards. We sort them by hand, removing stems, seeds, foreign debris and/or leaves. "Select" are mainly the whole round shells (as opposed to "half shells" or "pieces" as we call them). They are the easiest for measuring when using the traditional wash-bag method for laundry.

"Select" is always packaged with one extra-heavy duty wash bag PER POUND (minimum of one per order for smaller sizes).

They are then packaged in reusable muslin drawstring carrier bags, and utilize all-green packaging materials. No plastic bags.

8-page information and instructions pamphlet included.

Finding an occasional seed is normal for sometimes they can be difficult to detect. Simply crack the shell and remove if found. DO NOT use seeds for cleaning. They contain no saponin. They are dense black, and could cause spots if left in contact with wet fabrics. They can be planted and cultivated to try growing you own mukorossi tree. Being about as hard as a rock they're sometimes used for jewelry or other creative purpose. Consider it a little gem. ALSO: Some breakage is normal during shipping and handling. See "Half-shells"  for discounted post "Select" grade sorting soap nuts.