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Natural Soap Bars

Our "Old World style", 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil based soap bars are rich in antioxidants and natural nutrients. What sets handmade soap apart is the reduction in the amount of alkali used and the presence of glycerin - the gentle natural humectant that is removed during industrial soap manufacturing and truly distinguishes detergent-like commercial soaps from true soaps.

In addition, unlike handmade soap bars most if not all commercial soaps contain petro-chemical derived ingredients, animal fats, synthetic fillers and/or synthetic dyes and fragrances. At NaturOli we hand make and package each bar. We carefully select quality ingredients resulting in soap bars that also contains moisturizing and nutrient properties.

Discover the difference that TRUE soap can make!

A note about sodium hydroxide, NaOH (aka lye or caustic soda): Our voluntary policy of "100% full disclosure" requires us to list sodium hydroxide as an ingredient in our soap bars. Lye is the "PROCESS CATALYST" that is absolutely required before saponification can occur. Without it, genuine natural soap cannot be made. The catalyst is completely neutralized (totally gone) before true natural soap is ready for sale. The saponification process is what makes REAL, glycerin-rich, natural soap-making possible. It's that process (or transformation, so to speak) that keeps true soap warm to the touch for days after pouring. It's also why true, natural soaps are cured for 4-8 weeks depending upon the recipe - and why there is a long "special order" time. This is HOW real "cold-processed" (as opposed to quick, inferior "melt and pour" types) soaps are made. So, rest assured of the purity, finest quality and "old-world" richness of our handmade soaps. If sodium hydroxide is ever NOT listed by any soap manufacturer as an ingredient, it's either not listed because the seller chose not to list it, OR it's not genuine, natural soap. Those are the simple facts - and the whole truth - as we always promise.

On this note: Sodium hydroxide is potentially harmful until neutralized. It can cause burns, and must be handled with great care. We offer a special "thank you" to the few remaining true soap-makers of the world. It is only through their highly skilled work and craftsmanship can all the wonders and benefits of true soap be made available to us.

All NaturOli soap bars are proudly produced & packaged IN THE USA!