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PEORIA, AZ – (PR Newswire) September 13, 2013: A special recognition appearing in the July, 2013 issue of Organic Spa Magazine published by Oceans Publishing Company. NaturOli was selected for the following honor: “2013 Skin & Hair Care Guide: BEST Natural & Organic Brands In The Market”

Moisturizers prevent your skin from losing essential water while adding moisture and providing protection - musts for healthy skin care. Quality moisturizers will have a high antioxidant content to protect from free radical damage that causes premature aging. Picking the right moisturizer depends upon your skin type, environment, age and lifestyle.

Those with dry skin, damaged skin or those living in a dry climate should use a heavier moisturizer. If your skin feels tight and appears flaky you are not moisturizing enough. Our natural moisturizers contain healthy and effective ingredients that are formulated and combined to meet your needs, accomplish your goals, and add lasting radiance and glow to your skin.

As a "Signer" of the "Safety in Cosmetics Campaign", all ingredients are 100% fully disclosed.
- See individual product's details page for complete ingredient disclosure.

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