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It simply doesn't get "greener" than Soap Nuts!

• Completely free of any & all synthetic chemicals.
• Fragrance free.
• Hypoallergenic. Ideal for sensitive skin & noses. Allergy sufferers rejoice!
• Very low cost per load.
• Reduces need for softeners & dryer sheets.
• Low sudsing for High Efficiency, (HE) - & all front loading washers.
• Reduces or eliminates messy detergent residue.
• Eliminates washer build-up, mildew & odors.
• Preserves fabric integrity, & reduces dryer lint.
• Minimizes equipment maintenance and extends equipment life.
• Ready-to-use in raw form, or easily converted to powder or liquid.
• Non-polluting. Biodegradable. Compostable.
• Perfect for grey-water and septic systems.
• Soap Nuts are quite simply the purest form of natural soap, detergent & cleaner on the planet!

Basic Directions (Wash Bag Method):
• Put 5-6 shells (1/2 oz) in wash bag and tie closed.
• Toss directly in washer with laundry.
• Reuse 5 - 8 times or until spent (turn grey). (Based on actual user experiences - no exaggeration.)
• Used shells are compostable and/or excellent when used as a nutrient rich garden mulch.
• Use traditional and/or natural cleaning aids as desired.
• Loads vary due to size, cycles, temp, hardness, machine type, laundry's degree of soiling, etc. Make adjustments as needed. Experiment & have fun!
Note: For best performance with HE washers, we recommend pre-soaking the berries in a cup of warm water for 3 - 5 min. (especially if soap nuts are dry). Then pour the cup of water into the detergent drawer, & toss the wash bag with berries into the washer drum.

Number of loads vary due to water temperature, hardness, washer type, cycle selection, etc. Est. loads are based on approx. 1/2 oz. (around 5 average size, seedless soap berries) per medium size load. HE washers typically yield more loads. May use with traditional cleaning boosters as desired.


• Don't overstuff loads. Allow adequate water flow for circulation and agitation of the wash bag.
• Use the pre-soak cycle for best results.
• Use traditional laundry aids as desired. (If chemical aids are used, the saponin in the rinse water will minimize any negative effects.)
• Soft water may require less soap nuts. Very hard water may require more.
• There is no need for fabric softener. Soap nuts leave your laundry soft and fresh smelling.
• Soap nuts will not remove heavy stains. As with any detergent, pre-treat stains with a stain remover as usual.
• For super whites, try adding washing soda, softening salts, borax or oxygen bleach. Any cleaning boosters may be used as desired.
• Laundry will smell fresh and clean. For a scent, add an essential oil of choice on the wash bag or put the essential oil on a rag and toss in dryer.
• Note: Avoid Tea Tree oil exposure with infants and for diaper washing. Avoid essential oils if pregnant.
• There will be very little suds as there are no commercial foaming agents or chemicals.
• Soap nuts are commonly used for washing cloth diapers. They will not cause diaper rash. Follow diaper manufacturer's directions carefully.
• Start fresh! Run a few empty loads (or with some old rags) using Soap Nuts to purge your machine of built-up, residues left by your old detergents. Avoid having that old gunk from being released back into your good laundry. Your machine will also begin smelling like new.

Visit SoapNuts.Pro for the most extensive, in-depth info about soap nuts on the net!

FAQs alone are a "must read".

Find valuable & useful info on topics inside & outside the laundry room, such as:
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• PLUS numerous posts on the basics of soapberries and saponin; the versatility of soap nuts; how to improve results; different washer types; extensive reviews, & much, much more!
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