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Bulk Soap Nuts Wholesale

WHOLESALE Bulk USDA Certified Organic SOAP NUTS!
Enjoy fast, easy online ordering! Our warehouse is your ideal source for premium soap nuts for your own "private" labeling, fair and event selling, co-op purchasing, soap makers, large families, and more... We take great pride in the quality of all products we offer. - Expect the best!

• USDA Certified Organic.
• QAI (Quality Assurance International) Certified.
• Independent lab tested free of both chemical & organic contaminants.
• Berries are inspected, processed & packaged in the USA.
• Our soapberry-based products are all formulated, produced and bottled entirely in the USA.
• All NaturOli products are carefully stored and monitored on premises in our climate controlled warehouses for optimal freshness.


No minimum order, application, nor business license required for online Warehouse orders. Perfect for small resellers, co-ops and commercial users!

NaturOli is the oldest and most experienced processor, developer and supplier of soap nuts and soapberry-based products in the USA! Product quality, customer service and professionalism are paramount. Rest assured your orders are handled by highly-trained, knowledgeable, and courteous customer-oriented NaturOli teams.

Importing is a major headache - and expensive. Product can be months on a ship. It takes approx. 20,000 lbs. to fill one small 20-ft. cargo container, and it's impractical to ship partial containers. Extremely expensive if air-freight. Transport can cost more than the product! With NaturOli there's no surprises or delays. No hidden fees. No brokers. No Customs papers, duties, inspections, nor weeks waiting for clearance. See "Important Notices for USA Customers" below.

• All major credit cards and Paypal accepted - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

All orders are packaged at, and shipped from the NaturOli Warehouse in Arizona. Most orders ship within 48 hours. You've reached your easy "ONE STOP SHOP" resource and solution to start your OWN Soap Nut Business TODAY! Get in on the ground floor in a rapidly growing market. Soap Nuts are the future of greener living!

NaturOli PRESS:
Two-time winner of the prestigious Green Dot Awards - Celebrating Excellence in Green Products & Services. Many of the most innovative companies in the world compete for this prize: "NaturOli green detergents and cleansers. Use of saponin, which is derived naturally from soap nuts, is possibly the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs."
NaturOli Soap Nuts selected by the LA Times as a "Top 4" gray-water safe detergent and #1 for lowest cost per load!

Species: Premium, wild-harvest, sapindus mukorossi soap nuts (soapberries) from India.
Forms available: Raw berries, powdered, or ultra-concentrated liquid extract (EXTREME 18X**). Normal ancillary materials and accessories are shown. Additional sizes and items may be available. Call for questions.
Official Certification: USDA Certified Organic / QAI (Quality Assurance International) verification.
Processing: De-seeded (seedless).
Packaging: Bulk packed in sealed poly-bags.  Boxed and palletized as required.

* Don't be fooled by inferior species, soap nuts with seeds, overseas packaging, or aged berries from old harvests that are commonly sold. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is!
** EXTREME 18X is a proprietary NaturOli award-winning, brand name formulation produced from USDA certified organic soapberries. NaturOli is a registered brand. Unauthorized use of our name or copyrighted material for resale purposes is strictly prohibited. Contact us for details for authorization.

Please see our Soap Nuts and Soap Nut Liquid Categories for more product details.

IMPORTANT NOTICES for all USA customers:
Soap Nuts are a non-edible fruit (agricultural product) - and are subject to all applicable US importation regulations.
– NO Federal inspections, duties, fees, taxes or other customs and/or importation requirements apply to NaturOli customers within the continental US!
Be aware of all applicable US laws, customs regulations, hidden fees, taxes, and potentially serious violations, penalties and/or fines if ever considering a purchase from outside US borders.
An experienced customs broker is highly recommended for any international transaction.
Buyers are responsible to be in compliance with local agricultural laws or regulations.

To learn much more about Soap Nuts visit SoapNuts.Pro for in-depth info on a long list of topics. Hands down, it's the world's leading authority on soapberries and saponin for both sellers and consumers. Find the most extensive FAQs - anywhere!

NaturOli is a Verified SoapNutsPro "Preferred Seller" - you can be, too!
Displaying the SoapNutsPro "Preferred Seller" seal instills confidence in your customers. Tell your customers that you care.

For NaturOli "brand" distributorship and/or retailer info:
Contact us at
info@NaturOli.com or call 1-623-266-7642.