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Powder - Ritha


Our powder is produced from certified organic de-seeded bulk soap nuts. As with all forms we offer, the quality of the original soapberries are premium sapindus mukorossi. Our powder is USDA Certified Organic by QAI, and is packaged in the USA!

Our powder is 100% pure mukorossi soapberry. No fillers or additives.

Soap Nuts Powder is commonly produced and packaged overseas and known as Ritha, Aritha, and/or Reetha. The product is best known across the globe as an ancient Ayurvedic hair care treatment or shampoo.

With the rapidly expanding known benefits, uses and marketplace for saponin, soap nut powder has become extremely popular as an alternative powdered laundry soap, scouring powder, and an ingredient in a plethora of DIY recipes. It's amazing as an all-natural scouring powder. Forget about Comet and Ajax - and no more need for those protective rubber gloves!

Our powder is medium ground and sifted to remove any small pieces that slip through. Being fine and dust-like, use care in handling and avoid inhaling the powder. It will irritate sinuses. A mask is recommended when using in large quantities.

Ritha powder, as a hair and scalp treatment, is thought to reduce hair loss. We make no such claims due to a lack of studies. However, it's been popular in hair care for thousands of years. That certainly says something…