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Soap Nut Shampoo



All Natural, Botanical, Sulfate-Free, Gluten-Free formulas!

PEORIA, AZ – (PR Newswire) September 13, 2013:  A special recognition appearing in the July, 2013 issue of Organic Spa Magazine published by Oceans Publishing Company. NaturOli was selected for the following honor: “2013 Skin & Hair Care Guide: BEST Natural & Organic Brands In The Market” - ALSO appearing in 2014 addition.

  - JANUARY 5, 2013:  Natural Solutions Magazine's 2012 "Beauty with a Conscience Awards" recommends NaturOli "EXTREME hair" Soap Nut (Soap Berry) Shampoos! This makes for the third time NaturOli formulas have been recognized by NSM since the award program's inception in 2008.

Produced from USDA Certified Organic Soap Nuts / Soapberries!

The organic and botanical ingredients in NaturOli's EXTREME Hair Soap Nuts Shampoo formulas are carefully chosen for their individual properties as well as how they harmoniously work together to gently cleanse and condition for healthier hair and scalp. Together they create a perfect balance of astringent, moisturizing, antibacterial, emollient and restorative properties. Most shampoos and hair treatments on the market contain very harsh synthetic chemicals that damage the hair shaft - making it finer, thinner and weaker. These chemicals can also irritate the scalp and weaken hair follicles (the part of the hair just beneath the skin). In addition, these harmful chemicals are absorbed into our bodies and bloodstream.

Soap Nuts (aka soapberries) have been used as natural Ayurvedic remedies for hair, scalp, and skin conditions plus treatments for a plethora of ailments for thousands of years and are commonly referred to as Ritha, Aritha or Reetha. They have been used in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, chlorosis, anemia, migraines, diarrhea, cholera, paralysis, anti-venom, the prevention of lice and more.

Through extensive volunteer testing we certainly attest to the validity of saponin (the active ingredient in Soap Nuts) having amazing benefits for hair, skin and scalp. The majority of testers raved about how wonderfully healthier their hair, scalp and skin became.

As well put by a member in a discussion forum on Long Hair Community (a superb site for all those interested in maintaining beautiful hair).
(Courtesy of www.LongHairCommunity.com)
Why Wash with Soapnuts?
I've actually found soapnuts to be superior to all commercial products I tried! Some of the things I love about them are:
- way less shedding!
- nice clean scalp
- gently cleansing
- the SHINE!
- the BODY!
- no need for conditioner or acid rinse

For detailed, in-depth info about Soap Nuts / Soapberries visit: www.SoapNuts.Pro - Be sure to check out Part 2 of the article series on "Many Uses". It's specifically about Soap Nut Shampoo.

IMPORTANT: Our EXTREME Hair Soap Nuts / Soap Berry Shampoo formulas and our soap nut shampoo bars will rid your hair and scalp of years of hazardous chemical build-up and residues. In some cases initial results may be less than ideal as your hair and scalp must first be purged of these unwanted, unhealthy substances. In cases of heavy build-up it may take a couple washings in the first week or so before fully realizing and experiencing all the wonders, benefits and beauty achieved with Soap Nuts Shampoos and TRULY natural hair and scalp care.

About Conditioning: Our formulas are designed to be all-in-one shampoos and conditioners. However, results will vary. Our Serum or Conditioner with soap nuts are suggested if  required. For most, the need to use conditioner diminishes over time as you hair rediscovers its own healthy, natural balance.

As a "Signer" of the "Safety in Cosmetics Campaign", all ingredients are 100% fully disclosed.
- See individual product's detail page for complete ingredient disclosure.

All products proudly produced, bottled & packaged in the USA!

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