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Soap Nuts Powder - Natural Detergent and Cleanser - 7oz Jar with 2-way Sifter Cap
Soap Nuts Powder - Natural Detergent and Cleanser - 7oz Jar with 2-way Sifter Cap
Ground from 100% pure, de-seeded Sapindus Mukorossi Soap Nuts.
USDA Certified Organic. - Ready to use.

Now in convenient 2-way Sifter Cap Jar.

Often referred to as Ritha, Aritha, or Reetha.

Soap Nut Powder truly speaks to the versatility of the Soap Berry. Our Soap Nuts Powder is only of the highest quality, and then sifted to remove larger particles. NaturOli's soap nuts powder is finely ground to optimize the release of the all important saponin - the active ingredient in soap berries. No chemicals, fillers or additives.

Soap Nut Powder is yet another way of using soap nuts. You will likely find it the best scouring powder and hard surface cleaning powder you have ever used. And it's 100% all natural! Truly amazing! Say goodbye to toxic Comet, Ajax, and rubber gloves forever!

Superb for all at-home soap nut "tea" makers. Homemade soap nut liquids are much faster and easier to prepare. Simply boil, cool and strain with fine filter or cloth. Convenient to microwave small amounts, but watch it closely, for it will very rapidly start foaming upon reaching boiling point.

Powder has ancient origins in many Ayurvedic treatments - particularly in hair care. To this day, it is commonly marketed as solely as an herbal hair care product (shampoo/treatment) by many Asian producers. It is recommended to prepare a liquid hair wash "tea", or mix into a paste for a gentle exfoliating hair/scalp treatment. Cleanses hair very well. Rinse thoroughly.

We find our formulated liquid shampoos and treatments more effective and practical for all-natural hair care. However we welcome your feedback if used for hair care.

Often used for pet shampooing and grooming, too. Adds luster to fur, plus the natural properties of saponin will aid in warding off fleas and other bothersome pests. Amazing...

Your imagination is your only limitation!


SKU SN-PW-JR-01-07
Weight 0.50 lbs
Benefits Convenient for laundry. Excellent for scouring. Superb for MANY household cleaning needs. Commonly used as an organic shampoo, plus hair and scalp care treatments.

Application Ready to use, or prepare as desired for intended usage.

Tip Refrigerate unpreserved "homemade" soap nut liquid. Discard any homemade liquid after 3-4 days.

Ingredients 100% Soap Nut (Sapindus Mukorossi) shells in their natural form that are gound to a near dust-like powder.

Extras 24/7 email support.

Price: $14.95


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