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Soap Nuts "on the HALF SHELL" - 5 lbs! - Bulk bagged.
Soap Nuts "on the HALF SHELL" - 5 lbs! - Bulk bagged.

NaturOli USDA Certified Organic soap nuts "HALF SHELLS" are simply the smaller soap nut pieces that did not meet our SELECT grade standards. (Often referred to as "Pieces".) They are all of the same premier Sapindus Mukorossi variety. They have been properly stored and warehoused exactly the same as our SELECT grade. Expect them to be equally as effective with a very high saponin content. As with our SELECT grade, HALF SHELLS are de-seeded and free of hairs, leaves and all other debris commonly found with soap nuts packaged overseas.

The majority of the shells are 1/2 to 1/3 sized pieces. As knowledgeable soap nut users know, these are perfect for traditional laundry usage, grinding powder, making liquid or any other typical soap nut usage you can imagine.

Shelf life for soap nuts is extremely long - years! Simply keep stored in a cool, dry environment (an air tight container is best if kept in a moist laundry room).

So, here's a great way to go for large families, soap nut co-ops and groups, professional cleaners, cloth diaper users, green laundries and cleaning services, green car washes, and all those making "at home" soap nut detergent powders, scouring powders, green cleansers, and soap nut liquid cleaners.

Perfect for any avid soap nut user - and all those looking for a safer, greener, healthier lifestyle and home - while saving a few bucks, too.

- 8-page info and directions.
- One heavy-duty, muslin drawstring wash bag .

PLEASE NOTE: HALF SHELLS are only occasionally available.
Quantities are limited.  Number of units (5 lb bags) may be limited to (2) per order.

Usage instructions are the same as our "Select" grade. Please refer to any listing for additional info. Also visit SoapNuts.Pro for much more detailed and in-depth info.

Half Shells are packed in heat-sealed, clear poly bags (not muslin) to minimize your cost.


SKU SN-NT-01-01-80
Weight 7.50 lbs
Benefits Simply the most economical way to buy high quality, Sapindus Mukorossi soap berry nuts regardless of intended use.

Application Use as desired.

Tip Soap Nut HALF SHELLS make grinding and boiling soap nuts faster and easier.

Perfect for laundromats to use to purge machines of commercial detergent chemical build ups. Soap Nut HALF SHELLS are excellent for some more difficult laundry scenarios (such as very cold and/or very hard-water). HALF SHELLS can actually work more efficiently due to their more rapid release of the active ingredient, saponin. The inherently greater agitation of the pieces help to facilitate the faster release of saponin. This may help make those more difficult laundry situations a bit easier for you. - interesting, huh?

Ingredients 100% Soap Nuts (Sapindus Mukorossi) shells in their natural form. Ready for use.

One extra heavy-duty muslin, double drawstring, double stitched wash bag

Information, instructions and directions plus info on other uses also included.

HALF SHELLS are packaged in sealed poly bag(s).

Extras 24/7 email support.

Price: $38.95


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