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Security & Privacy


The NaturOli store website and the technologies used to transmit your order are protected through Security Metrics and verified through third party GeoTrust certification. You can review this information by clicking the Security Metrics graphic and the GeoTrust graphic found at the bottom of each NaturOli store page and/or by clicking the “lock” icon found next to the NaturOli https:// address. When you place an online order over the Internet with NaturOli, the connection that transmits your data is secure through SSL 256 bit encryption technology.

Many companies store credit card information on their website server or Internet connected server. NaturOli does not employ this practice. Once you finalize an order, your credit card number is no longer available. NaturOli has NEVER sold or traded and will NEVER sell or trade any of our customers information, nor have we ever jeopardized that information.


NaturOli has never sold, traded, rented or shared our mailing list or customer information, not have we ever jeopardized this information. Our promise to you is that we will never sell, share or trade your information. In addition, we do not research your particular buying habits and sell this information.

NaturOli has never purchased such information being sold by companies. NaturOli does send out emails to our customers and those who register with us. You can opt out of receiving these emails from NaturOli at any time or by clicking “unsubscribe” upon receipt of an email (once opted out you cannot opt back in at a later date by the same email address). You can also contact us for temporary removal.