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NaturOli Beautiful, LLC :: Scents & Spa :: Himalayan Pink Bath Salt (16 oz)
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Himalayan Pink Bath Salt (16 oz)
Himalayan Pink Bath Salt  (16 oz)
Himalayan Salt is a crystal salt which is utilized differently by the body than rock salt. This Jurassic era salt is the purest salt in the world, virtually untouched by pollutants and toxins. It is a hand mined salt found naturally deep inside the Himalayan Mountains, the largest mountain range in the world. It is a valuable source of income in remote villages and towns The light pink to red color represents numerous natural nutrients and elements contained in the salt. We can reap the benefits of these elements by soaking in a Himalayan salt bath.

These elements include but are not limited to:

Calcium: Builds bone strength and mass Magnesium: Used in anesthetic, sports medicine for relief of tired muscles. Promotes healing.
Potassium: Crucial to heart function. During physical activity, the body utilizes then loses a large amount of potassium, replenishing it help to avoid muscle soreness and tightness.
Sodium: Relieves cramps and stiffness and maintains neutral environment in the skin.
Iron: Found in every cell in your body. Boosts the immune system and helps fight infection.

A Himalayan Salt is used for purifying detox baths. The salt is used to pull toxins from the body while re-mineralizing it with minerals and trace elements which can improve texture, tone and appearance and soften and soothe the your skin. Himalayan salt also aids in combating water retention and helps to prevent cramping and soreness. Himalayan salt bathing reduces acidity in the body and balances pH in our skin.


SKU H-HS-01-01-16
Weight 1.10 lbs
Application Dissolve a cup of salts in bath tub with hot water for approximately 15 minutes. Then fill the rest of the tub. Water temperature should be at about 98.6 degrees. Soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Toxins are released into the bath water through osmosis, while minerals are absorbed through the skin. Do not towel dry, but air dry after bath. If possible rest for 15 minutes after bath. For a foot soak use one quarter cup.

Tip Great for PMS! A Himalayan Salt bath aids in easing water retention and bloating by allowing your cells to metabolize and utilize water more effectively soothing cramping aches and pains. Himalayan Salt also makes a superb cold compress and great foot soak.

Ingredients Raw Pure Himalayan Salt in its Natural Form.

Price: $10.55


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