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ALTA - the beginning of a new era in home cleaning.
And this is only the beginning...

Produced and bottled in the USA!
Gluten free!

Most now realize how significant soap nuts (soap berries) and Extreme 18X are to genuinely green home cleaning. As the Green Dot Awards put it, "...possible the most significant green innovation in history for everyday household cleaning needs."

ALTA takes our work to a new plateau. ALTA means: "high, lofty, elevated". It appropriately brands our new line.

ALTA focuses on specific household cleaning tasks, and offers the "best of the best" truly green formulas to tackle each of those needs.

Due to your feedback and popular demand, we present the FIRST of our ALTA line:
ALTA Dish Washing Liquid Soap Berry Concentrate.

Soap Nuts and EXTREME 18X won't provide optimal performance when washing lots of greasy, grimy dishes, pots, and pans. Extra suds and staying power are needed that previously only highly toxic sulfates provided. Nobody has conquered the elimination of sulfates to effectively cut heavy grease, oil and grime - until NOW!

We have gone to great lengths to formulate an exotic blend of soap berry extracts along with rich saponified botanical oils that will meet - or exceed - the performance of P&G's sulfate laden Dawn (considered the best chemical dish soap ever produced). Your dirtiest of dishes will be clean as a whistle. Your glass and flatware will sparkle while being virtually spot-free.
- We guarantee it!

Not only does ALTA Dish Washing Liquid Concentrate perform as well the most effective commercial chemical dish soaps on the market, it does so without all the poisonous toxins your body absorbs while using them - nor the pollutants that go down the drain into our water supply.

Given our long heritage and deep roots in effective natural skin care, ALTA formulas are enhanced to be extra gentle and conditioning for your skin, too. So, say "goodbye" to rubber gloves forever!

Discover the finest, purest, safest, most effective 100% chemical-free, all-botanical dish soap the world has ever seen!

IMPORTANT: ALTA is formulated for HAND dish-washing. Not for use in automatic dishwashers. However, if tried in an automatic, use ONLY A COUPLE DROPS - NO MORE! Many have reported great results when used VERY sparingly.
Please note: The 100% natural oils in ALTA will separate. This is normal. No chemical emulsifiers are used.
- So, please shake well before use.